Mailing List Problems / Fixes

We’ve had some problems with the mailing list and they were traced to the admin mailbox filling up. It has been cleared out and we found that a handful of former users had their e-mail addresses deleted on their end and it was reporting to us every time they were sent a GAPAS e-mail. We’ve removed the old users from the list and cleared out any users who started and never confirmed and people who tried to unsubscribe and didn’t answer the follow-up e-mail. It should be clean now. We’ve also seen some messages bounce back from certain users that are on Yahoo/Bellsouth, AOL, Etc. and others go to them without issue. So we’re watching and it looks like it’s a bit more healthy than it’s been. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. And remember that if you want to unsubscribe, just click the button above, pick unsubscribe and confirm the e-mail that you get. Easy on and easy off!

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