Joey P. filled us in on the early history of GAPAS:

“Best as I recall , 2002 was pretty much the start. I had a list of phone numbers and email addresses for about 25 Pinball collectors in Atlanta , with the help of John Latimer GAPAS was born . John designed the original logo, and put the site up. The first GAPAS event was in my house in 2002 and pictures are still up on the GAPAS web site . It’s been running a long time, and thanks goes to Al and Paul for picking it up and keeping it alive and well . Imagine having to call 50+ people looking for a used pf glass or specified game you want to buy.”

So in 2011, GAPAS went down. Paul Kiefert had access to the records including the pictures and the list members. I, Al Warner wanted GAPAS back. I registered GAPAS.NET and set up the mailing list and website. Paul helped with some of the technical aspects of the website in the beginning.

In 2016, Preston Burt of SFGE fame, gave us a new logo to replace our boring generic text one.

We’ll publish more history as it happens!