Thou Shalt Not Flip!

GAPAS was created almost 20 years ago as a way for Georgia pinball collectors to talk about games, share restoration tips, organize parties, and sell games, usually at a discount to each other.

There were very few venues to do this with back then. You had RGP on UseNet IF you could find a way to get to it (Before Google), eBay, and some individual’s websites. GAPAS is great at being a local resource for the people of GA.

I’d like to ask that members of the group respect the spirit of what the group is about and not “flip” games here. What I mean is that a person buys a game from another venue and immediately lists it here for sale at a higher price without adding any value.
I used to call out people on UseNet for this all the time and caused quite a ripple a couple of times.

I think this IS a bannable offense but not without warning so If I’m alerted to you doing it, I’ll send you an e-mail requesting that you stop. If you continue, I’ll remove your account.

I do want to encourage people to list games for sale AT A DISCOUNT. I see no problem in charging more than you paid if you add value to it by cleaning, fixing, restoring, etc. And WHY would you offer a discount over other venues? Because GAPAS is free! It puts you in touch with other local “Pinheads” and alerts you to events local to GA. Your audience will drive over to pick up a game rather than have to ship it. That’s easier for everyone.

Do I accept donations? Yes, just to compensate for the cost of hosting the site/list, but I’ll never favor anyone for contributing (and allow them to break the rules). And Many Thanks to those that have contributed to keeping us running. It is greatly appreciated.

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