The Re-Start

Hey Everyone,

I had to re-start the website because of complaints that it had a virus. I never detected one, but many of you told me you had. We have 111 people signed up right now, but about 13 of those never confirmed the e-mail so they aren’t getting the messages. I’m going to write the 13 and inform them how to re-do their membership after I delete them. Remember that you will get an e-mail after you sign up. You have to confirm that e-mail by replying back to actually get on the list. Keep Flippin’ – Al Warner

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We’re Back! Well, We’re coming back!

The original list has been sent an e-mail asking them to return. 60 People have signed up as of this post. It’s getting there. A few people have asked if we should go to a Forum type system like “The Bash”. We took a poll and the answer was a resounding “No”. Democarcy at work!

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Hello from the NEW GAPAS!

Welcome to the new GAPAS. The old GAPAS system may be gone forever. We’re just not sure. In the mean time, we created this system to get people back to talking again. We promise to keep it running for as long as it’s being utilized. We hope to add a lot of features and get GAPAS back to what it was and hopefully more. Use the Subscribe to List button above to join the mailing list. Read the Q&A if you’re unfamiliar with what GAPAS has to offer or interested in what happened to the old GAPAS.

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